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  • Nasal congestion Nasal congestion?
  • Trouble breathing Trouble breathing
    through your nose?
  • Difficulty sleeping Difficulty sleeping?
  • Struggle to breathe during exercise Struggle to breathe
    during exercise?

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Dr. Tadros now offers VivAer®:
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Cottle’s Maneuver

Lasting relief is possible without surgery

If you regularly experience difficulty breathing through your nose and nothing seems to help, you may have nasal obstruction. Until now, finding a long-term solution often meant surgery. Now, your physician may be able to offer you lasting relief without surgery by performing the VivAer® procedure to open your nasal airway.

  • Lasting Relief: 97% of patients experienced significant improvement in nasal breathing
  • Non-invasive solution: Minimal discomfort, no incisions, and can be performed in our New Jersey or New York office
  • Live better: Clinically shown to significantly improve quality of life and provide long-lasting relief

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