Stem Cell Grafting

Stem Cell Grafting

Project Description

Stem Cell Grafting

Stem Cell Grafting in particular, can reduce the surgical risk for elderly patients. The skin grafting or flap surgery can be a great loading due to poor general status or for patients. Indications are traumatic skin defect, severe burn, scar, skin ulcer, sore, diabetic foot, etc. Stem cell therapy can provide effective treatment modality for the treatment of bony and soft tissue defects like traumatic skin defect and severe burn, non-healing wounds complicated by ischemia like diabetic foor and sore. It also becomes a very attractive tool for skin rejuvenation, scar improvement, and augmentation of breast. The unwearying rearch work using various stem cells is still ongoing by many plastic surgeons.


by Monica Tadros, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Benefits from Stem Cell Grafting work?

Stem cells reduce scars

The mammalian skin does not regenerate spontaneously, the ultimate outcome of mammalian wound healing is scar formation.

Stem cells increase fat graft survival

Aging process involves a number of different degenerative pathways, specially a soft tissue volume loss. Owing to the aged population, a desire to regain youthful looks, minimal-invasive surgery options, the demand for cosmetic procedures has increased.

Stem cells prevent Allotranplantation

Composite tissue allotransplantation (CTA) could be an ideal solution for the replacement of certain tissue defects after trauma, tumor ablation, congenital anomaly repairs, etc. Recently, several great advances have been made in this field and CTA has gained much popularity as a viable alternative reconstructive option.

Future Perspectives

During the last decade, patient’s own stem cells has been tested and effectively utilized in the plastic surgical field. Overall, clinical advances using various stem cells suggest a promising future for opening a new cell therapeutic strategy in plastic surgery.

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