Dr. Tadros’ Philosophy

Personal Philosophy With balance and commitment to her patients and students, she reminds her residents: “Medicine is a difficult road that ends not in a right to practice medicine but rather in the most meaningful privilege – the opportunity to use our talents to make a difference, to touch the lives of others… if we so choose to master the skills of science and invite the compassion of humanity.” PHILOSOPHY of a Teacher: As an educator, Dr. Tadros explains to her residents several fundamental principles not found in any textbook. The face is central to our identity and mastery of facial plastic surgery in its truest sense lies beyond the finesse of surgical technique commonly taught. She opens their eyes to the importance of surgical planning and analysis of both facial architecture and facial personality. Using a scientific approach to facial harmony creates the foundation. The artistic component starts with an appreciation of our patients as individuals, translating personality and character to the final result. There are three levels of mastery in facial plastic surgery: The first level of mastery is intuitive through rigorous study and apprenticeship refining advanced surgical techniques. Upon completion, the majority of individuals can proudly boast their surgical expertise. This she defines as mastery of the science. The second level of mastery incorporates the principle of facial harmony. At this level, the surgeon is keenly aware of how manipulation of one area of the face affects the surrounding features and has mastered how to selectively employ surgical techniques to achieve facial harmony. This level of mastery introduces an artistic element of surgical preferences guided by scientific principles of facial harmony. Mastery at the third level is the most difficult to cultivate and the most overlooked. Yet, it is what separates the technically skilled, from the truly talented surgeons…sometimes referred to as a ‘natural’ The third level of mastery recognizes that the face is central to identity and self-expression.At this level, the surgeon has developed a strong physician-patient relationship and clearly recognizes any discordance between an individual’s inner personality, personal desires and their outward appearance. It embraces the scientific principles of facial harmony to achieve aesthetic balance while defining how to preserve individuality and capture personality in the final result.