An alarplasty, also known as wide nostril reduction surgery, is a cosmetic procedure aimed at changing the shape of the nostrils. This procedure is popular among people willing to modify the look of nasal flaring or make their nose look more symmetrical.

Plastic surgeon Monica Tadros MD., as a world-class nostril reduction surgeon in NJ, performs an alarplasty procedure in a compassionate and friendly environment. She utilizes her innovative technique to provide her patients with exceptionally ideal results they desire.

What Is Nostril Reduction?

Wide nostrils contribute to the appearance of an oversized nose that doesn’t fit the face, especially for patients of ethnic descent. A wide tip can be related to a wide nasal base or due to a broad, bulbous tip. Several nostrils reduction techniques are available to slim wide, flared, or thick nostrils using reduction rhinoplasty.

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Difference Between Nostrils Reduction and Rhinoplasty

Alarplasty can change the nostrils' width, while a rhinoplasty procedure can modify the appearance of the entire nose. Rhinoplasty is performed with the use of general anesthesia, while an alarplasty can be done using local anesthesia. Rhinoplasty surgery involves trimming away cartilage, shaving down bone, or removing unnecessary tissue. During the alarplasty our surgeon only makes incisions to the alar region of the nose and does touch cartilage or bone.

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Preparation Before Rhinoplasty for Wide Nose

Dr. Monica Tadros makes the treatment personalized to every patient. A minimum of half an hour is needed to get a full understanding of the patient’s expectations and evaluate the inside and outside the nose. It is vital to know what to expect to make the entire process more pleasant and satisfying and achieve desirable effects.

Nostril reduction surgeon Dr. Tadros normally discusses the functional and cosmetic expectations in a detailed way to make sure all the patient’s questions are answered.

Nostrils Reduction Procedure

An alarplasty is a surgical intervention aimed to reshape the nostrils. Some people have a wide or prominent nose, and this big nostrils surgery allows reducing the shape and size. This surgery involves the removal of the wedge of the wing of the nose to modify the shape of the nostrils.

During alarplasty, a specialist administers local anesthesia and performs incisions on the inside or outside of the nose in the alar area. The next step is removing a certain amount of tissue. When it gets removed, the incision is sutured, which narrows the span of wide nostrils. This process does not involve touching cartilage and bone, which makes the recovery process more comfortable.

Wide Nostril Reduction in NJ & NYC

What Are the Benefits of Large Nostrils Nose Job?

There are many benefits of wide nostril reduction surgery and they are as follows:

  • Rhinoplasty on wide nose allows creating the shape that will be proportionate to other facial features
  • Takes into account serious concerns such as size and shape
  • The healing duration of incisions is quick and painless
  • Alarplasty allows to correct nostril asymmetry
  • Nose job to reduce nostril size is aimed to improve the contour of nasal Alar by modifying the size of nostrils
  • Nostril rhinoplasty is not a long-lasting procedure, which involves minimum downtime

Alarplasty can improve both appearance and functionality, allowing you to enjoy each day free from restrictions caused by nasal irregularities.

Who Can Be Candidate for Nostril Plasty?

For patients who are dissatisfied with their nose's appearance because of wide nostrils that are too large for your face, you may be a potential candidate for this type of procedure.

The ideal nose job candidates are non-smokers, in good general health, and at least 16 years of age. The procedure should not be performed on noses that are still in the formative stages. Full growth in girls is reached between the ages of 13-14 and in boys between 15-16.

What to Expect After a Wide Nose Rhinoplasty?

You might experience some pain immediately after your wide nose job. It can last about 72 hours. Your doctor will prescribe you some medication to ease your discomfort. You also may notice some bruising, swelling, and bloody discharge as with any nostril nose job -  this is normal.

You will be given a gauze that needs to be changed every two hours for about a week. After this time, all dressing may be removed.

If you experience a significant increase in pain that is not alleviated by your medication, contact Dr. Tadros at the facial plastic surgery center immediately.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

In general, nostril reduction recovery time is around a year. You may return home the day of your surgery with your cold compress to reduce swelling and gauze that should be changed often, about every two hours. During the second and third day after your wide nose rhinoplasty, the swelling will be at its worst. In about two weeks, your stitches will dissolve. After about a month, your breathing and swelling will be better. After a year, your nostril reduction in NJ is at its last stage and you can enjoy the final results.

What Are the Potential Complications of Alar Base Reduction Surgery?

Just like any surgical intervention, nostril reduction carries a certain degree of risk. Immediately after the procedure, you might experience redness, swelling, or some bleeding from the area where the skin was altered.

A few weeks following your surgery, possible alarplasty complications include:

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Pus from the site of surgery or discharge

Dr. Monica Tadros, as a leading alarplasty specialist in New Jersey, takes all the necessary steps to ensure the effectiveness of surgery that entails little to no postoperative complications. Enormous experience in the field of plastic surgery in conjunction with professionalism allows Dr. Tadros to be the number one choice for patients looking for nostril reduction rhinoplasty.

Does Medical Insurance Cover Wide Nostril Surgery?

Alarplasty is an elective cosmetic procedure meaning that it is not typically covered by health insurance. You will be responsible for covering all the costs associated with the procedure and the accompanying anesthesia.

How Much Is Nostril Reduction Surgery?

It is extremely difficult to state the exact amount as everything depends on your individual situation. Nostril reduction cost varies in the United States. Some factors that impact the cost are your geographic location and the amount of job that needs to be done.

Keep in mind that a nose job for nostrils tends to be less expensive than a traditional rhinoplasty. This is due to the fact that alarplasty involves fewer procedures.

If you want to get more in-depth information about the procedure, you can always schedule an appointment with Dr. Monica Tadros.

Consultation for Nostril
Reduction Procedure

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