Wide Nostril Reduction and Big Nostril Nose Job in NYC & NJ


Wide nostrils contribute to the appearance of an oversized nose that doesn’t fit the face especially for patients of an ethnic descent. A wide tip can be related to a wide nasal base or due to a broad, bulbous tip. Several nostrils reduction techniques are available to slim wide, flared or thick nostrils using reduction rhinoplasty techniques in NYC & NJ. Stop complaining and drawing attention to your wide nostrils schedule your consultation Dr. Monica Tadros, top-rated double board-certified plastic surgeon and the expert nostrils reduction specialist in New York and Bergen County New Jersey.

Dr. Monica Tadros specializes in wide nostril nose surgery for her patients in NYC & NJ.


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Nostrils Reduction Procedure

A nose that has big or large nostrils is a frequent complaint of many potential rhinoplasty patients.
To reduce nostril size, Dr. Tadros nostrils reduction surgeon removes portions of the surrounding tissue through incisions. The results are minimal with no obvious scarring.


There are many benefits from rhinoplasty and wide nostril reduction. Here are some of the benefits for patients who have a wide/big nostrils including:

  • Improved Appearance

Reducing the size of wide and big nostrils can give your appearance a totally new look.

  • More Self-Confidence

Improves confidence and self-esteem. You no longer have to be embarrassed by the size of your nose.

  • Better Health

Rhinoplasty nostrils reduction can improve both appearance and functionality, allowing you to enjoy each day free from restrictions caused by nasal irregularities.


For NJ patients who are dissatisfied with their appearance of the nose because of wide nostrils that are too large for your face, you may be a potential candidate for a wide nostril/big nostril nose job.

The ideal wide nostril nose job candidates for nostril reduction are non-smokers, in good general health and at least 16 years of age. Nostrils reduction rhinoplasty should not be performed on noses that are still in the formative stages. Noses reach full growth in girls between the ages of 13-14 and in boys between 15-16.

What to Expect After a Wide Nose Rhinoplasty?

You experience some pain immediately after your wide nose rhinoplasty that may last about 72 hours. Your doctor prescribes you some medication to ease your discomfort. You also may notice some bruising, swelling, and bloody discharge as with any nostril nose job –  this is normal. Your rhinoplasty surgeon provides you gauze that needs to be changed every about every two hours for about a week. After this time, all dressing may be removed.

If you experience a significant increase in pain that is not alleviated by your medication, contact Dr. Tadros immediately.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

You may return home the day of your surgery with your cold compress to reduce swelling and gauze that should be changed often, about every two hours. During the second and third day after your wide nose rhinoplasty, the swelling will be at its worst. In about two weeks, your stitches will dissolve. After about a month, your breathing and swelling will be better. After a year, your nostril reduction is at its last stage and you can enjoy the final results.

Consultation for Nostril Reduction in New York City or New Jersey

The first step in determining your candidacy for a wide nostril/big nostril nose job is to set up a consultation with Dr. Tadros. Please call our office today at NYC: (212) 532-4590 or NJ: (201) 408-5430 to speak to a Patient Advisor to learn more about this nostrils reduction procedure.

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“Dr. Tadros is AMAZING… I’m really happy with the way everything turned out. Before the surgery I was having trouble breathing, always getting congested and now I notice a HUGE improvement in my breathing. I’m happy with the way I look and now I feel more confident in myself.”

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