What is Eyelid
Reconstruction Surgery?

Eyelid reconstruction surgery is a procedure performed to aid in the restoration of normal eyelid function and anatomy. There are multiple reconstruction techniques that heavily depend upon the degree of severity the patient is experiencing.

Simple, superficial complications may occur after minor trauma or the excision of small tumors and growths. In more serious cases that are directly related to traumatic injury or the removal of a large growth or skin cancer, there is a large possibility that the defect has spread throughout the entire lid and may require a more complex approach.

Dr. Tadros plastic surgeon specializes in reconstruction eyelid surgery and customizes each treatment to the patient’s needs. The most common eyelid reconstruction surgeries include:

Droopy eyelids/Ptosis- caused by laxity or weakness of the eye muscles

Entropion- caused by eyelids that turn inward

Ectropion- caused by eyelids that turn outward

These issues may cause eye discomfort, limited vision and affect overall appearance.

Eyelid Reconstruction In-Depth

How Eyelid Reconstruction Works?

Eyelid reconstruction varies from patient to patient, as the cause for issues all differs. Some defects in the eyelid arise from multiple causes, however, the most common issues arise after trauma or the removal of an existing tumor. The more minor, superficial defects require nothing more than a visit to the plastic surgeon at the facial plastic surgery center in NJ, a few sutures and minor treatments that will typically heal on its own in 7-10 days.

In more serious cases, such as issues surfacing after a traumatic injury or removal of a large skin growth or skin cancer, there is a high likelihood that the defect spread throughout the entire lid, in which a more complex reconstruction surgery is needed. In these instances, the surgeon will transfer adjacent tissues or transfer skin from other parts of the eyelid, face or body to help complete the reconstruction, also known as “skin grafts”. There may be instanced in which more than one surgery is necessary to correct the defects, this is called a “staged reconstruction”.

Eyelid Trauma and Injury

The eyelids are an important and necessary part of our anatomy, as the thin, delicate skin protects our eyes from injury, sunlight and other harsh debris in the air. Our tear drains are extremely important in producing tears and spreading them across the cornea to keep the eyes moist and lubricated.

Eyelid reconstruction may be beneficial for the following:

  • Injury or physical trauma
  • Defect after skin cancer surgery
  • Defect after removal of growth
  • Complication from a previous eyelid surgery

Considering the skin of the eyelid is quite thin with little fat, it is very delicate and can be torn or injured easily in a case of an accident or trauma. These cases may require reconstruction of the skin on the eyelid or the tear drains depending on the degree of damage.

Reconstruction of the eyelid is necessary after surgery that was performed to remove a growth or tumor in the lid area. If the procedure leaves visible signs such as a significant dicot or hole where the tissue was removed, the reconstruction surgery can restore the tissue that was lost in that area. This is important for overall facial appearance and the proper function of the eyelid.

How the Eyelids can be Reconstructed

Eyelid reconstructive surgery by top plastic surgeon in NJ relies heavily on the specific nature of the existing defect and what can be done to repair it. In more simple, mild cases of eyelid injuries, a quick fix to repair the lid would involve a minimal amount of stitches. In more serious cases of injury or trauma, skin grafting may be necessary, possibly taken from an area that is near the eyelid itself or a flap of skin and muscle can be taken from anywhere else on the body.