What Is
Chin Implant Surgery?

Chin augmentation is a surgical technique used to achieve facial harmony in patients with a weak chin. This is commonly associated with a large nose, excess fat or skin laxity under the chin region.

Balance & Symmetry

Achieving facial harmony is characterized by creating balance and symmetry in the overall appearance of the face. Augmentation of the chin with an implant can provide a more chiseled, sculpted appearance to the facial structure.

Chin implantation is commonly combined with cheek implants that add or improve volume and provide more distinct facial contours, leaving you with a defined, youthful appearance. A strong, prominent chin has an implication of power and dominance as it distinctively represents masculine beauty, while an undefined or receding chin may result in individuals viewing you as timid and demure.

This procedure can improve projection of the chin, create a better equilibrium and contribute to the overall aesthetic when complemented with other facial features.


What May Be Achieved With Facial Implants?

  • Defined facial structure
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restore underdeveloped balance and symmetry to overall facial aesthetic


Chin Implant In Depth

Our Philosophy on Chin Augmentation

Facial harmony is not an exact science.  There are many factors to consider when selecting a patient-specific procedure and appropriate technique. Changes in the facial framework can be very dramatic and rewarding when executed correctly to the patients needs.

Englewood plastic surgeon Dr. Tadros advocates an approach in achieving a very natural appearance with chin augmentation that requires a three-dimensional evaluation. She cautions on over-sizing chin implants which can result in the chin looking far too big on frontal view.

Dr. Tadros sizes patients based on frontal view first which consists of balancing out the forehead, cheeks, and chin in relation to the patient's height and build. Next, she evaluates the nose in relation to the new chin position in the profile view.

There are times where an appropriately sized chin implant can make a larger nose look balanced and symmetrical. However, there are cases where a smaller nose will suit the facial structure best to create balance for a perfect chin.  

A recessed chin, for example, may cause a nose to appear overly large. A more prominent chin often enhances the overall attractiveness of the face, giving off the impression of confidence, leadership qualities, capability, and personality.

Facial augmentation in center for cosmetic plastic surgery in NJ is an outpatient procedure designed to reshape natural contours and improve the overall balance of the face.  The size and shape of the chin can play an integral role in overall facial harmony and restoration.

If you are dissatisfied with the shape, definition or balance of your chin in comparison with your other facial features, chin implants may be the right cosmetic solution for you. Chin augmentation in the NJ/NYC area can produce a more pronounced chin and improve both physical appearance and self-confidence.


Chin Augmentation With a Chin Implant

Although this procedure has been proven to be both safe and effective, it is important to consider the risks that are commonly associated with every surgery. This is why it is extremely important to undergo a comprehensive consultation to review your medical risk profile with your surgeon.

Dr. Tadros uses smooth chin implants that are made of a synthetic material called Silastic. This solid material is silicone plastic that does not leak and is bio-compatible. The success of chin implants, when compared with many others, is characterized by the process of placing it directly on the bone. This provides a stable platform, minimizes movement, and makes chin augmentation one of the safest synthetic implant procedures.


The Procedure

The implant, silastic, is made from a flexible supple plastic that is a ubiquitous material and has been used widely throughout medications. In the case of chin implants, this silicone plastic is shaped to add volume to the chin and improve definition of the jawline.

Once inserted beneath the skin, the implant sits directly on the bone of the chin while the wings of the silastic, which extend along the jawline, is anchored into place. The size and shape of the customized implant can vary depending on personal need, appearance and aesthetic goals.

Chin implants come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, and Dr Tadros will help you choose which implant will suit you and your needs best. The chosen implant, along with its wings, may require further customization prior to the procedure, if necessary.


Recovery From Chin Implants

Patients recover from the chin enhancement procedure relatively quickly when compared to more invasive cosmetic procedures. Patients walk out of the office one hour after surgery and typically return to their normally scheduled daily routines within a few days, essentially only experiencing a long weekend of recovery.

A follow-up appointment is always scheduled one-week post-surgery to examine the incision site. There are no additional appointments necessary after the initial follow-up considering Dr. Tadros uses dissolving sutures and requires no removal of stitching. It is heavily recommended to avoid strenuous activity 10 to 14 days after the implant procedure.

Immediately following facial implant surgery, you may experience mild to moderate bruising and swelling. A slight ache in the jaw and surrounding areas may occur.

For the first week following your procedure, you should recline in a face-up position at a 45-degree angle as much as possible. You may be restricted to a soft diet for up to 7 days and should reach full recovery within 14 to 21 days.

Finding a board-certified surgeon with extensive specialty experience is key when this level of surgery is involved. Intensive training and expertise in both facial aesthetics and other cosmetic treatments will infuse trust between you and your qualified doctor. Communication is imperative for analyzing, reconstructing, and delivering superior and optimal results.