"Love your Lips"  Lip Enhancement Procedure

Lip augmentation is one of the easiest and most dramatic cosmetic procedures available to patients. It has also grown into becoming one of the most popular requests thanks to social influences and the media highlighting plump pouts.

Beautiful lips are central to our appearance, attractiveness, and youthfulness. The appropriate sized lips help to restore balance and symmetry.

Most women and even some men have no idea how much they can benefit from lip enhancement. Dr. Tadros has pioneered the field of cosmetic surgery in NJ including a new technique in lip shaping, “Love Your Lips” that sculpts your natural pucker just right the way so you will LOVE them.

Sometimes that means bigger, and sometimes it just means better!  Her technique ranges from the soft and lovely reshaping of your lips to a luscious, fuller lip with more definition and curves that balance the rest of your features. Lip injections are typically the most common options and preferred method.

There is a wide variety of injectables in NJ & NYC that are clinically proven to sustain safe, effective, and long-lasting results. These non-invasive techniques rely on substances, usually composed of hyaluronic-acid and dissolvable suture materials that require no recovery or downtime, just natural-looking supple lips.

And if you want to impress in photos, lips make headlines!

A Revolutionary Approach to Lip Augmentation

Kylie Jenner has everyone talking! There has been extremely widespread initiative with young ladies who are swooning over her fuller lips. Although we understand their desires to keep up with the "trends", we want our patients to look and feel their best with a customized treatment and realistic expectations.

Our revolutionary approach to lip enhancement is the key!

Love your Lips / Lip Augmentation In Depth

Patients requesting lip augmentation come from all age groups- although now the demographic seems to be getting younger and younger. As we get older the lips age with the rest of the face resulting in atrophy of the lips.

The lips thin out, tiny vertical lines appear, the graceful Cupid's bow of the upper lip begins to flatten, and the upper lip lengthens and hangs over the teeth. Others may have been born with thinner lips, and simply want a more defined Cupid's bow and greater lip volume to balance the other features of their face.

When consulting Dr. Tadros for lip augmentation she will discuss both surgical and non-surgical alternatives in lip augmentation including both implants and/or fillers. Lip Augmentation with injectables improves "lipstick bleed lines" or the lines that radiate around the lips in older patients.

Dr. Tadros has redefined lip enhancement and she performs this procedure on more than half of her facial rejuvenation patients with results so natural that it is hard to believe their lips are not real! Top cosmetic surgeon in NJ Dr. Tadros admits that natural lip enhancement is one of the most difficult procedures to perform well.

More than any other area of facial injection, natural results are entirely dependent on the skill, technique, and artistry of the injector. Rejecting, traditional injection techniques Dr. Tadros set out to define the anatomy of youthful more attractive lips.

Lip enhancement is most safely performed with hyaluronic acid filler injections, such as Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero.  These are softer filler agents that feel incredibly natural and are entirely reversible if the patient is not comfortable with the change.  In over a decade of performing the Love Your Lips technique, New Jersey cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tadros has never been asked to dissolve the product and reverse the procedure.

Duration of fillers in the lips is highly variable because of the constant mobility of the lip muscles squeezing on the product. The same product may last 3 months in one person and 12 months in another. The only way you will know for sure how long a lip product lasts for you is to try it.

What makes Dr. Tadros’ specialized “Love Your Lips” technique different from other doctors?

Most lip augmentation techniques involve injecting the lips in horizontal fashion, accentuating the rim of the lips evenly and pumping them up.  The result is an obvious unnatural appearance of what may be referred to as “duck lips”, “sausage lips” or “rubber tires”. This technique inflates the lips unnaturally, and blunts the vermillion border (lip-liner line). Dr. Tadros performs her signature treatment customizing every result to perfection.

Dr. Tadros “Love Your Lips” technique treats the entire lip complex exactly where definition and shaping can enhance the resting pout.  This is individual to the patient but includes treating the philtrum, cupids bow and deep orbicularis muscle that encircles the mouth from the base of the nose to the top of the chin.

She never blunts the vermillion border (lip-liner line) insisting it must be sharp to appear natural.  Her strokes are artistic with tear-drop tapered application of product that supports the eversion of your natural red lip and only increases size by altering muscle height and position-rather than just inflating the lip. The result only the most natural lip enhancement based on your anatomy.

Can lip enhancement make you look younger?

Lip enhancement is one of the most powerful ways to make a person appear more youthful. Beyond treating fine lines around the mouth, we lose the fleshy substance (orbicular muscle) of the lip as we age. Where does it go? The muscle atrophies, the white lip skin elongates, and the red lip starts to invert inward as we age.

The result a flatter longer upper lip, less red lip show, and a distinct deviation from our more youthful days.  Dr. Tadros’ Love Your Lips technique addresses the anatomic changes that will not only rejuvenate your lips, but give you her signature shape that will make you LOVE your lips.

Are there any permanent options for lip enhancement?

Although more permanent options exist, patients are advised to undergo a temporary non-surgical filler procedure to evaluate the dramatic effects of lip shaping. Dr. Tadros never recommends permanent filler injections because the lips are just too unpredictable and permanent fillers will not age well with the patient.

Dr. Tadros includes surgical lip lifting as a permanent solution in select patients with upper lip elongation. In this procedure, the position of the muscle is lifted and excess skin removed from within the nostril crease to create an ideal cupids bow.  This is the most effective and natural way to enhance a very flat upper lip.

Permanent lip augmentation with Alloderm or PermaLip implantation is also performed in select cases.