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What is Otoplasty?

Ear surgeryEar surgery, also known as Otoplasty, is a procedure that is performed to help correct a defect in the ear structure that is present at birth. As the child ages, the ears may become more prominent with development. This facial plastic procedure may also be performed due to a mis-shapen ear that was caused by injury.

Otoplasty aims to create a natural ear shape while bringing proportion and balance to the ears and face. By correcting minor deformities or structural oddities, the results can have multiple benefits on self-esteem, confidence and overall appearance.


When is Otoplasty necessary?

The ideal time for patients to undergo otoplasty is typically performed best with early recognition when the child is at the preschool or early elementary age. It is extremely common for patients to go through correction at this time, however, it may extend into early childhood years.

More frequently, adult otoplasty is becoming quite common, more so than early childhood. This proves that it is never too late to correct or improve your appearance through surgery in NJ facial plastic clinic.

The advantage of adult otoplasty is that the procedure can be performed with the patient under local anesthesia, with or without sedation.

Procedure from Otoplasty

There are two types of ear procedures: reconstructive or reduction.

Reconstructive ear surgery is performed to fix deformities that were present at birth or caused by injury. Some patients may only have this procedure on one ear, however, a bilateral otoplasty may be necessary, in which both ears need to be reshaped or repositioned.

Reductive ear surgery is ideal for patients who may not have protruding, prominent ears, however, they feel as if they are too large for their head. Reduction surgery will help bring symmetry and balance to the face. This may also be accompanied by earlobe reduction.

NYC ear surgery doctor Tadros will begin by making a small incision just behind the ear in the natural folds of the skin, typically where the ear is connected to the head. Then, the necessary amount of cartilage and skin is removed to help achieve the desired structure and overall appearance. There are cases where the cartilage may need to be trimmed and formed into a more desirable shape. Then, the cartilage is pinned back permanently with sutures to secure it in place.

In other cases, cartilage may not need to be removed, in which Dr. Tadros uses stitching to secure the cartilage in place, permanently. Sutures will be applied to help anchor the ear after the cartilage is sculpted to the desired shape that will help hold the ears in the desired position until healing is complete.

Benefits from Otoplasty

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery or ear pinning, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that can help improve balance, structure and overall appearance of the ears with minimal scarring. If ears are too large or stick out prominently, they can become a source of emotional distress and have a large impact on confidence and self-esteem in both children and adults.

The benefits from an Otoplasty are:

  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence
  • Natural looking results
  • Improved psychological and emotional state
  • Safe with little to no risks involved
  • Minimal downtime – typically one week with proper post-surgery care
  • Correct a wide range of deformities present at birth or caused by injury

Recovery from Otoplasty

After the first day of surgery, the patient will feel little to no pain. It is necessary to wear a bandage post-surgery for three days to aid in keeping the compression intact. NYC’s best surgeon recommends that the patient wear a ski band at night for 1-2 months after surgery to avoid ear folding. The sight of discoloration and bruising is normal and is expected to clear within 10 days. An adult may return to their regular day to day activities after one week.

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