Restylane Lip Filler

The Restylane family of products includes Restylane®, Restylane-L®, and Restylane®Silk, can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds).

Restylane, Restylane-L and Restylane Silk may also be used for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years. Restylane Silk in the cosmetic facial center of NJ can be used to treat lip lines in patients over 21 years. Ask your doctor which is right for you.

As we age and our faces lose volume, some of us begin to look for ways to regain more definition in our cheeks without surgery. RESTYLANE® is a non-surgical, FDA-approved, filler used to instantly smooth away moderate to severe wrinkles like smile lines (the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth) as well as plump the lips and restore lost volume for a fresher, more youthful appearance.

  • For lips with curves in all the right places
  • Introducing a new reason to smile
  • Get the lift and the ideal lips you’ve been looking for

What Can You Do to Help Combat the Signs of Aging?

The good news is that you can do something about it, with help from a product in the Restylane family to reveal a younger-looking you.

That means you get clinically proven, natural-looking results to help achieve the look you want. Talk to your healthcare provider today to determine if the Restylane family of products is right for you.

Restylane In Depth

How does RESTYLANE® work?

RESTYLANE® is a clear gel-like substance composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally exists in the body. While hearing the word "acid" may sound scary, hyaluronic acid isn't harsh or damaging at all, in fact, it's the opposite.

Within the human body, large amounts of hyaluronic acid are found between the cells, where it provides skin with its youthful suppleness and moisture. Unfortunately, our body's own natural levels of hyaluronic acid decrease with age.

Due to the decrease in hyaluronic acid as we age, combined with other factors, the facial muscles become closer to the surface of the skin, resulting in the increased appearance of wrinkles and smile lines. When top cosmetic surgeon Englewood NJ  gives you a treatment with RESTYLANE®, the lost hyaluronic acid is added back into the skin, restoring the lost volume to smooth those unsightly wrinkles or add fullness to thin lips.

Ideal Candidates

Restylane® requires only a few injections and no incisions or removal of tissue, so the risk of complications is quite low. That, in turn, means that almost anyone who would like to reduce the prominence of their facial lines and wrinkles can be a candidate for Restylane® treatments by plastic surgeons in Englewood.

Those allergic to avian-based hyaluronic acid treatments can safely use Restylane®, since it is derived from bacterial origins. Those with a history of allergy to bacterial protein, though, should not use the product.

Benefits of RESTYLANE®

A treatment with Restylane provides an easy way to stay in control of your looks. The result of a single treatment can be seen instantly and may last up to one year. With Restylane, you will get a natural-looking result that does not affect facial expressions. Your looks remain under your control.

Maintaining Restylane® Results

The results of Restylane® tend to last longer than other cosmetic fillers. Touchups may be needed after six months in areas that are more prone to movement, such as the lips. Also, some patients desire touchup treatment during the first two weeks after their initial procedure.

However, Restylane® injections last, on average, about eight to twelve months. After this time, you may choose to undergo another Restylane® treatment, and since each subsequent treatment tends to last longer than the previous one, your results can be easily maintained by seeing your doctor regularly. If you don't choose to have additional Restylane® injections, the hyaluronic acid will absorb naturally into your skin, and leave no trace of a cosmetic filler.

The most important thing to remember about Restylane® treatment and other injectables in its class is that they are temporary and the effects will eventually fade. Although Restylane® lasts at least two times longer than other injectables, the most permanent solution to enhancing your face is plastic surgery.