Dr. Tadros Joins the Faculty of Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons

Dr. Monica Tadros Joins The Faculty!

New York, NY – The Department is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr.Monica Tadrosas Clinical Assistant Professor of Otolaryngologyand Director of Facial Plastic Surgery Educationat ColumbiaUniversity College of Physicians & Surgeons.Dr.Tadrosis a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology andThomas Jefferson Medical College, and she did her residency trainingin Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at Georgetown UniversityMedical Center in Washington DC. She completed dual fellowshiptraining in Cranial Base Surgery and Facial Plastic and ReconstructiveSurgery at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan.
Prior to her arrival at Columbia, she joined herpreceptor, Dr. Peter Costantino, in practice and was appointed Director of Aesthetic FacialSurgery at the Center for Facial Reconstruction and Restoration at Roosevelt Hospital. Dr. Tadrosbrings a fusion of her aesthetic and reconstructive talents to complex disorders of the nose, sinuses, and face to provide a comprehensive approach torestoration. Her expertise includes cosmetic rhinoplasty with or without ethnic preser-vation, functional nasal airway and medical and surgical treatment of sinonasal disor-ders, facial nerve rehabilitation and post-paralysis facial reconstruction, cranioplasty,and management of complex soft tissue craniofacial abnormalities, defects and scars.