Is Botox Healthy For You?

Botox has been around for decades. When you think of Botox, you might think of the Hollywood starlet. However, Botox has many medical and aesthetic solutions that may improve your life.

Top Botox Medical Uses include:

1) Treat Migraines & Severe Neck Spasms
2) Excessive Underarm Sweating
3) Facial Paralysis / Bells Palsy

Botox is a brand name (trademark) for botulinum toxin. There are two other popular branded products, Dysport and Xeomin. We use all 3 in our practice depending on the patient’s needs. The product has been FDA approved for over 15 years, and injections are best performed by a highly trained and experienced physician. While all procedures carry some risk, the safety and efficacy of Botox have been measured as the product is used over 6 million times per year.

Botox was first discovered in the 80s when it was used for eye disorders and voice tremors. Researchers noticed a lucky side effect after medical Botox treatment:  it also reduced wrinkles in the areas where it was injected. When used for medical purposes it can be healthy when compared to competing remedies.

Medical Botox is used to treat many disorders caused by muscle spasms. When muscles spasm, they cause unrelenting pain at trigger points and decrease blood flow to the tissues and nerves around them. This deprives the tissues from oxygen and vital elements to function normally.

At our office, we’ve had much success with the use of Botox for migraine headaches, helping people take fewer pain relief medications that could potentially lead to addiction or harmful side effects caused by the medication.  By weakening the over-active muscles, the endpoint spasm is relieved, which in turn may prevent migraines from occurring.

We also use it for hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that results in excessive sweating. Patients who have this issue may sweat through several shirts per day. In that regard, users may find they no longer need to use antiperspirant and deodorants for up to six months. Health-conscious users appreciate the health benefits of avoiding the high concentration of aluminum in most antiperspirant products.

Beyond regular cosmetic applications, Botox remains invaluable for treating facial asymmetry and abnormal twitches after Bells Palsy or facial paralysis.  The human face has 43 muscles that provide us with hundreds of nuances in facial expression. To achieve cosmetic goals in all patients and corrective goals in cases of paralysis, a thorough understanding of how each of these little muscles work is critical. Facial plastic surgery experts can use this knowledge to provide selective Botox brow shaping and facial balancing for both superior cosmetic and medical purposes.

If you are considering using Botox for a medical use, you might be in luck.  Some insurance plans may cover Botox for medicinal purposes -so it’s important to ask.

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