What is Dysport
Cosmetic Injectable?

Dysport® is one of the most popular and well-known brands used for the cosmetic and functional administration of botulinum. It has proven long-term efficacy and safety. Dysport can improve the signs of aging.

As our faces age, we start to see the earliest signs of aging which Dysport can help reduce:

  • Dynamic wrinkles appear only when we smile or frown.
  • Years of habitual muscle movement (squinting, smiling, chewing, etc) reinforce these deep lines often referred to as the “11’s/elevens” of the forehead and smile lines around the face and eyes.
  • Dysport can help reduce these deep wrinkles which occur where the muscle inserts on the skin tugging it inward.

As the year's pass, we continue to lose more volume and gradually there is no more soft tissue buffer between the skin and muscle and these creases become permanent wrinkles, which you can fill with Dysport.

Dysport In Depth

How Does Dysport (a Botulinum Toxin) Work to Smooth wrinkles?

Dysport is a neuromuscular receptor blocker that stops the release of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters signal the activation of muscle at the Dysport injection area. In other words, the doctor injects tiny amounts of Dysport® into wrinkled areas to relax the surrounding muscles. And when this happens, Dysport treatment has the effect of smoothing the skin so that the wrinkles disappear.

How Does Dr. Tadros Prepare Patients For Dysport Injections?

A topical numbing cream is applied in the office prior to treatment to minimize discomfort. For any questions, medications you are currently taking and existing medical conditions please call the office to see if a preliminary consultation with the best cosmetic surgeon in NJ is required prior to your treatment.

What to expect during your injection?

It is a mistake to only treat obvious wrinkles with Botox in some patients because that may cause new wrinkles by compensation in nearby muscles, leading to the telltale signs of poor Botox injection.

Dr. Tadros in NJ & NYC center for cosmetic plastic surgery treats the face as a whole and tapers her Botox/Dysport injections to achieve a natural feathered smoothness.

This way wrinkles are not noticeable up into the hairline and eyebrows don’t get heavy and drop or arch up unnaturally. She uses the tiniest 32 gauge needles (smaller than an insulin needle) imported from Japan to minimize bruising and discomfort that can accompany Botox injections.

How long does Dysport treatment last?

Dysport® effects wear off after an average of 3 to 4 months. Repeated Dysport® minimally invasive treatments are safe and effective.