Lip Augmentation Before and After Photos of NJ Patients

View before and after photos from NJ patients who had lip augmentation performed by Dr. Monica Tadros, please click on each thumbnail to enlarge to full size image.

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About Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation has grown into becoming one of the most popular requests for Dr. Tadros’ office in NYC & NJ thanks to social influences and the media highlighting plump pouts. The appropriate sized lips helps to restore balance and symmetry. Most women and even some men in New Jersey have no idea how much they can benefit from lip enhancement.

Dr. Tadros has pioneered a new technique in lip shaping, “Love Your Lips” that sculpts your natural pucker just right the way so you will LOVE them. Her lip augmentation technique ranges from soft and lovely reshaping of your lips to a luscious, fuller lip with more definition and curves that balances the rest of your features.

There are a wide variety of injectables on the market which are clinically proven to sustain safe, effective and long-lasting results.

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