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Stem Cell Face Lift

The most highly advanced surgeons are known to perform specialty procedures as such. Top-rated plastic surgeons like Dr. Tadros have been extracting and re-injecting fat cells into tissues for over a decade.

Stem Cell Facelift Procedure

Experienced fat grafting surgeons have known that successful fat grafting is highly dependent on the techniques used for extracting, processing, and reinjection of the fat cells. Surgeons are beginning to understand that fat processing techniques which result in high concentrations of adult stem cells produce not only long-lasting results but also have therapeutic results in injured tissues.

To perform stem cell enhanced grafting at our clinic for cosmetic surgery in NJ & NYC, fat is first extracted by liposuction using low negative pressure. The fat is then processed. Proper fat processing techniques include centrifugation and decanting of the extracted fat. Long-lasting results are only achieved with proper fat processing techniques.

In contrast, surgeons who rinse the tissue decrease stem cell adherence to fat cells, and do not increase the concentration of stem cells. These less concentrated grafts have a smaller percentage of success.

Reinjection of the fat must be performed in very small quantities and distributed through all tissue layers to facilitate the reestablishment of blood flow to the fat grafts.


Areas That Benefit

Examples of stem cell enhanced fat transfers which can be performed in the same operative session by Dr. Monica Tadros plastic surgeon at the present time include:

  1. Facial fat injections – The fat transfer to the face is not just a volume filler. The stem cell-enhanced fat can actually rejuvenate your facial tissues and skin. Stem cells assist in increasing blood supply to tissues to make tissues look younger.
  2. Breast Augmentation – Fat injections provide a natural alternative to breast implants
  3. Brazilian Butt Lift – Originally used for buttock enhancement, stem cell enhanced fat transfers are being used in body contouring to create an hourglass figure.
  4. Hand Rejuvenation – As in the face, there is not only a volume enhancement, but aged hand skin is revitalized by the fat transfer.


Other areas of stem cell therapy that are being investigated and currently developed are:

  1. Radiotherapy injuries
  2. Tissue defects
  3. Lumpectomy reconstruction
  4. Breast reconstruction after cancer


Stem Cells Are the New Frontier in Plastic Surgery

Stem cell therapy is a paradigm shift in cosmetic surgery. Instead of the surgeon using his talents to create the illusion of a more youthful body, the fat loss doctor Englewood NJ guides your body to rejuvenate itself!

If you have questions about stem cell grafting, please contact our Center for Sinus, Sleep, and Facial Plastic Surgery in NY or NJ for a consultation.

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