Skin Lesions and Scar

Scarring can be annoying and unsightly simply because of its location on the face or because it affects facial expression. Dr. Monica Tadros is particularly sought after for the precise and aesthetic scar revision procedure, where she will remove your skin lesions at her plastic surgery center located in Manhattan, NYC, and Englewood, NJ.

Why Choose Dr. Tadros for Your
Scar Removal?

Scars appear after new tissue and collagen form to heal a wound. Although scars can never truly be removed, an expert plastic surgeon can diminish the appearance of scar tissue. Different types of scars require different types of intervention depending on the amount of skin affected and the location of the scar.

A leading expert in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Tadros uses a variety of techniques to remove scarring and skin lesions, including surgical and non-surgical methods, laser therapies, and skin grafting. You can enhance the appearance of your scars and get your confidence back at our top-rated plastic surgery clinic in New York and New Jersey.

Whether you have a burn scar, keloid, or hypertrophic scar, Dr. Monica Tadros can improve the appearance and function of your face.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with our best in class scar tissue plastic surgeon in NJ please feel free to contact us.