Parotid Gland and Thyroid Nodule

What is the Parotid Gland?

The parotid glands are the largest salivary glands located on either side of the mouth under the ears. The parotid glands can swell from viral infections causing the whole face to appear swollen. Even if malignant, parotid tumors can cause facial nerve weakness, lymph node enlargement, and pain in your face. When this happens you need to see the best expert in facial surgery located in Upper East Side, New York and New Jersey for an aesthetic approach to parotidectomy.

Why Choose Dr. Tadros For Your Parotid Tumor Treatment?

Dr. Monica Tadros is a leading physician in removing parotid tumors. She has an aesthetic approach to tumor removal surgery. Because Dr. Tadros specializes in otolaryngology and plastic surgery, she uses the innovative ‘post-tragal rhytidectomy’ approach to remove the tumor with little to no scarring.  To preserve your facial nerves during this process facial plastic surgeon Dr. Tadros dissects meticulously and uses intra-operative medications and EMG to minimize the inflammation and monitor the facial nerve.

Is Your Thyroid Nodule Dangerous?

If you have a lump or nodule in your thyroid you need to distinguish if its cancerous or benign. Dr. Tadros uses an ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration to determine the size and nature of the nodule. Most thyroid nodules are benign, however, if you do need to remove it, Dr. Tadros is an expert plastic surgeon who will precisely and aesthetically remove the nodule.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with nationally recognized best in class plastic surgeon Dr. Monica Tadros please feel free to contact our New York or New Jersey clinic.