Most Famously Filled Faces on New Theory

Who are the top celebrities who have admitted to overfilling their face?

We have all seen it splashed across social media, our favorite Hollywood actors and starlets with abnormally plump or overdone chiseled facial features. Proof that just because you are a well-known personality with money to back up your vanity, doesn’t mean you’re spared from your lips potentially looking like a rubber ducky or a face appearing like a bloated fishy. Trashy tabloids and the paparazzi will eventually catch a shot of you- asking the public whether you are real or a wax figure at Madame Tussauds? That’s not what I call good press. The images are everywhere.  No one is safe from the syringe. These famously filled faces may be turning heads, but it is for all the wrong reasons.
How does an individual go this far for the camera you ask? First, it takes two to tango. Oftentimes professionals have a patient pushing for less lines or wrinkles and a fuller face, thinking plumper means younger (and no one will ever know the difference). On the other side of the coin, there are many inexperienced or certified providers (who may or may not be a legitimate plastic surgeon or dermatologist) willing to over-fill the face in an attempt to make the patient satisfied, or due to their own skewed vision of beauty.
Since celebs are always on a quest for instant gratification and are used to getting what they want, they fall victim to the overfill. Thankfully many influencers have spoken out with regret, wishing they went to a more credible injector who could perform the proper techniques driving successful results.
New Theory examines the top celebrities in the industry who have undergone non-invasive aesthetic and facial transformations.
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Khloe Kardashian

Known as the K-sister who is always being judged for looking different from the rest, this reality star mogul is no stranger to openly discussing her self-esteem issues and the use of facial fillers.  Pressure caused Khloe to seek out cosmetic enhancement and even she admits the results were less than flattering. After several attempts with professionals to try and have the serum dissolve, she feels as if there is still something there. The youngest of the Kardashians must have felt the need to keep up with the plump- pun intended, despite the fact it seemed to have aged her 31 year old aesthetic.
Lisa Rinna
The actress turned Real Housewife has always been extremely comfortable with the idea of injectable fillers- emphasis on the “extreme” part. Her signature lips were the original famous pout to grace television screens across the country.  In the past she has admitted to going a bit overboard, but it has certainly not stopped her obsession to over-fill… Recent appearances leave us all wondering as her cheeks look rounder and more youthful than ever.
Meg Ryan
Back when Harry met Sally, Meg Ryan was referenced as “America’s sweetheart.” However, these days, Harry might not even recognize her at all! Was it Ryan’s lack of sleep while in Seattle that forced her to overfill? Her fresh faced, au natural, girl next door persona is what made Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks, and America fall in love with her over and over again, but I guess the stresses of Hollywood are nothing a syringe can’t handle. But if you ever find yourself in a surgeon’s office, I wouldn’t recommend “having what she is having”.

Mariah Carey

This diva-licious songstress may be an icon celebrated for her beauty and talent, but that doesn’t mean she knew when to call it quits. It appears that Mariah may have gotten a little carried away with the filler. Her cheeks are very arched and spherical, while there is limited contraction of the muscles around her smile. This creates a slightly, distorted and uneven overall facial structure. As long as it doesn’t stop her from hitting those high notes, Mariah gets a pass.

Lil Kim

Perhaps the most jaw-dropping and dramatic of transformations ever, former bad-girl rapper Lil’ Kim underwent a full-filler, face-swap. Although the original Queen Bee denies the treatments and procedures that she has been accused of, we’re hoping the temporary fillers will deflate her back into recognition.


Madge just won’t give it it up. This pop-star refuses to accept her age, and it shows with the amount of filler that has been injected into her face. Madonna’s face appears to have taken on a triangular shape instead of just restoring balance and symmetry. Her over plumped cheekbones make her chin now look small and pointy. She proves once again that she is a true ‘Material Girl’ in the fact she appears to be made up of many different materials.

Kylie Jenner

How young is too young? This Jenner sibling has inspired an entire “Jenner-ation” obsessed with themselves in a movement called #thekyliejennerchallenge, encouraging different (and might I add dangerous) techniques simply in the name of lip-plumping. Those selfies are not just filters my friend, the over-filled 19 year old ages herself by at least a decade as her pucker gets bigger and bigger by the day, along with an abnormal looking, baby/blow-up doll like appearance.
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