NJ Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tadros Discusses the Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Whether you’re looking to change the appearance of your nose or improve your breathing, there’s a lot of reasons why many people opt for Rhinoplasty surgery, and according to New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Monica Tadros, who specializes in sinus surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, there’s even more benefits!

“It’s a really interesting way to bring plastics and functional surgery together,” Dr. Tadros explains when asked what she likes most about Rhinoplasty. “I think it’s something that a lot of my patients actually suffer from. Everyone knows someone who complains of not being able to breathe well, or not sleeping well because they have to turn over a lot. All of these things sort of come together, and they come together in my practice often.”

“A lot of patients will come to me and they’ll ask me about fixing their nose, because maybe they’ve broken it or maybe they don’t like the way it looks exactly. It’s really hard to articulate sometimes why you want to change something, and then you look further and you see that patients aren’t breathing well, or they’re not sleeping well at night. There’s just a lot of differences that they haven’t put their finger on because they’ve just had to live with this for so long that it became natural to them.”

“When a patient comes in for an aesthetic consultation about their wide nostril, they’re mostly concerned about looks, and sometimes patients are also concerned about other things such as breathing issues or underlying problems with their sinuses, allergies, or things of that nature. But it’s really that we have a good discussion and a thorough evaluation of what the patient’s symptoms are and what could happen after a rhinoplasty. I’ll sit with a patient and we’ll talk about the concept of form and function. It’s really important to educate patients so that they realize rhinoplasty itself is changing the outside of the nose but it’s similar to taking a house and just making it smaller. So if you’ve changed the outside, it could look very beautiful but you want to make sure that everything underneath is also working properly. “

“When I look at an aesthetic rhinoplasty and I see what is beautiful in a nose, we’ll find that many times a nose that is so beautiful is actually based on sound structure. And that sound structure helps us breathe better, feel better, and look better.”

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