Perfecting Your Pout Properly

There’s no denying that the newest trends that are circulating throughout the world spread like wildfire. In recent years, the newest fad is big, beautiful, luscious lips. For example, does everyone remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? An internet trend that caused people to suction their mouths into a small cup or something of that nature for a few moments, leaving you with giant duck lips. Of course, this is not the ideal appeal of luscious lips but surely shows how careless individuals can be when it comes to internet fads.

The rise in lip fillers has been chalked up to the youngest Jenner as she went from a thin-lipped pre-teen to a perfect-pout beauty. The change in her lips was so drastic that even her sisters had to tell her to take it easy on the fillers. While denying rumors (or avoiding them at all costs) Jenner finally spilled the beans about the painfully obvious technique she used: beauty fillers.

Now, you can’t look anywhere on social media without seeing females and even males with plumped up pouts. Big lips are the new butt injections. A little aesthetic touch up goes a long way and depending on what type of outcome you are looking for, doctors can tailor your treatments to what you desire.

When we think lip injections, we tend to imagine females with duck-looking lips or a frozen smirk, however this is not always the case. Dr. Monica Tadros goes back to the basics with a very clean and simple lip enhancement on her patient, Winter. Dr. Tadros states, “Everyone can benefit from a lip injection, it just depends on what you consider a lip injection.” Not all lip enhancements have to result in large, overdone lips, they can actually help restore shape, balance, and youth back into your overall aesthetic appeal.

The ideal outcome for patients are not always the “ducky, sausage lips that are just too full”. Dr. Tadros describes those to be “abnormal, not pretty…” and reminds us that “bigger is not necessarily better.”

When Dr. Monica Tadros assesses a patient, she starts with the question, “What makes a lip beautiful?” All features of the lip should be taken into consideration, as well as the patient’s age and expected outcome.

Dr. Tadros insights, “Product used depends on the person and what type of result they’re looking for…”. Different brands of injections result in different outcomes. Tadros states that if someone is looking for a bit of lip shaping with natural results, she will use Juvederm Ultra whereas, if someone is looking for a full, fluffier result, she will use Restylane Silk.

“The artistry of injection really matters, you have to customize it to the patient to really bring out their natural lip and shape it in a way that perhaps is fuller, a little bit more voluptuous but certainly natural.”, added Tadros.

For more information, check out the video below.