The Latest Update on Designer Lips

While there’s no denying that lip-plumping is all the craze, WCBS News Radio 880 Pat Farnack caught up with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Monica Tadros who suggests that perhaps re-contouring may be a better option than just one-size-fits-all plumping.

As Farnack put it “too often people go in to change their lips only to get disastrous and scary results,” but according to Dr. Tadros, that doesn’t have to be the case…

“People have the imagery of just the big ducky lips, a trout pout, or something that they absolutely don’t want. So even though they may not be very happy with their lips, they rather be safe than sorry so they avoid trying anything at all,” explained Dr. Tadros. “And that does make a lot of sense… until you find someone that you trust.”

So, how do you find a doctor that you trust and pick the procedure that’ll give you that perfect pout? You get educated and you do your research. For instance, Dr. Tadros is all about that ‘designer lip.’

The new so-called ‘designer lips’ are more about reshaping than just plumping.

“We want to change the shape of the lip, not necessarily over plump it and lose the shape,” explained Dr. Tadros. “Modern techniques have moved away from just augmentation and more of an appreciation for lip shaping.”

While it may sound obvious, Dr. Tadros offers a key piece of advice that anyone looking to get their lips done should remember: your mouth should go with the rest of your face.

“I think people forget that the lip is attached to the rest of their face. When they come in focused on changing the lips, they might not realize where they are. They may be young and just need a little bit of augmentation and reshaping in just certain parts of the lip and not the whole lip, so that it looks very natural and has a nice contour.”

“That’s the concept of a designer lip — there’s some things that you just can’t teach and that is selection in the patient and technique variability. So everyone’s upper lip or lower lip is different, their facial features are different and how their lips balance within the face itself is really important. So, the concept of designer lips is ‘let’s step away from doing the same thing on everybody and do exactly what you need for that one person.’”

A custom procedure to cater to each individual’s specific needs? Sign me up! For more audio on the interview please check it out!