Why Are My Sinus Symptoms Worse In The Fall?

Have you noticed that your sinus symptoms – facial pain, congestion, difficulty breathing through the nose, headache – are worse this time of year? You’re not alone! 

There are several factors that can aggravate allergies, sinusitis, and other sinus problems as we enter the colder months, like dry air, prime time for allergens like ragweed and mold, and more time spent inside with less-than-fresh air.

Speaking of your symptoms – have you been accurately diagnosed by an ENT specialist?

I’ve seen a number of confused patients in my practice, who have taken allergy medications for years with limited benefit and on some occasions much harm. Some test positive for allergies, others may not. This is because all that sniffles is not an allergy!

Our nose and sinuses work hand in hand to get a lot done. The job gets more difficult when ventilation (air getting in) and circulation (air getting out) is blocked. There are a lot of reasons this can happen. The most common reasons are faulty anatomy and inflammation – and anything and everything that can cause those two things may be the culprit.

When antihistamine allergy medications aren’t doing the trick and you are reaching for decongestants regularly, there is usually something more. Chronic sinusitis is one of the most common medical diseases in the United States, affecting nearly 30 million Americans. Unlike acute sinus infections that send you running to your doctor for antibiotics, chronic sinusitis sufferers may have less obvious symptoms that mimic allergies and never seem to get better.

Sinus headaches, facial pain, fatigue, nasal drainage, nasal stuffiness, or difficulty breathing when you lay down to sleep are never normal. These symptoms are common indicators of chronic sinus inflammation and may represent a head full of trapped mucus or deeper silent infections.

Although many patients with chronic sinusitis also suffer from allergies, this is not the case for most. According to a survey of more than 600 asthma and allergy patients by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, researchers found about half of patients with chronic sinusitis misdiagnose themselves with seasonal allergies.

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If you routinely suffer from allergies, polyps, chronic sinusitis or sleep-disordered breathing, it is important to get evaluated early by a specialist. Advances in technology have made in-office procedures more effective, with little to no down time for a variety of conditions.

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