Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

Although most people associate bad breath with dental cavities and throat/tonsil infections, more than half of all bad breath complaints can be tracked back to post nasal drip and allergies.

Post-Nasal Drip:

Post-Nasal Drip happens when the nasal mucosa produces excessive mucus. The excess mucus accumulates in the back of the throat or the back of the nose.   This can be caused by allergic or non-allergic rhinitis (seasonal allergies) or sinusitis. Allergies can either be acute (seasonal) or perennial (chronic). The same with sinus symptoms as they can be acute or chronic. Their causes can be allergic, bacterial or even viral in nature. You will need to seek a healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment. We see both sinus and allergy cases on a daily basis. Regarding bad breath, bacteria can bathe in the mucus secretions, hence cause the foul odor.

By addressing the cause, you will address the bad breath.

How Do You Address Sinus Issues Related to Allergies?

Possible remedies for allergies may include an antihistamine or nasal steroid. If this progresses to a sinus infection, we may prescribe an antibiotic if it’s bacterial. We see cases everyday where patients suffer every allergy season, but it turns out to be sinusitis which may require surgical intervention. If you are suffering from allergies as well as have nasal / sinus related issues, we’d love to see you in our NYC or Englewood, NJ office.

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