When Should A Child Get Their Broken Nose Fixed?

When should a child get a Rhinoplasty or broken nose fixed? It depends on the type of rhinoplasty surgery and the reasons the surgery is being performed. Modern techniques have made rhinoplasty a very safe operation. In the right hands, it is always safe once the individual has reached puberty. If the purpose is cosmetic, it is wise to wait until puberty ( around age 14) for many reasons, especially the psychology of the child. If the purpose is functional, such as a broken nose it may not be wise to wait.

From a practical sense if the nose is big enough for the face there is little reason to delay the procedure.  In fact, waiting with a blocked nasal airway may have more detrimental effects on the facial development of a younger child -causing elongation of the face from always breathing through the mouth. In functional cases, it is important to stay clear of the bone growth plates at the back of the septum, but molding of the cartilage is proven safe as long as the cartilages have reached an adult size.
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